Brewery/ Taproom & Retail Store now open – 398 Nash Rd N. Unit 1, Hamilton, ON


The Clifford Brewing Company was launched by brewer Brad Clifford in Hamilton, Ontario in January, 2015. Previous to starting his own brewing company, Brad had been developing his brewing skills for many years, first as an award winning homebrewer, and then as a small scale commercial brewer in Toronto.


With early beginnings in homebrewing, Brad quickly became recognized for his talent and creativity in brewing, winning two back to back “Best of Show” honours in the Canadian Amateur Brewers Association (CABA) competitions of 2010 and 2011. Along with a multitude of other homebrewing awards, both locally and nationally, and two Pro-Am collaborations with Beau’s All Natural Brewing, Brad quickly established a reputation as one of Ontario’s top homebrewers.


No longer satisfied to only make great beer for himself, Brad began brewing for Get Well Bar in Toronto in late 2012, setting up a two barrel brewhouse in the bar (then brewpub) and brewing dozens of unique craft beers of varying styles. An early adopter of the nano-brewing model, Brad made his mark on Toronto’s brew scene back when brewpubs were still a relative scarcity in the city, and the Ontario craft beer renaissance had just begun. These years allowed Brad to further experiment with his recipes and hone his craft on a commercial system, while also winning a number of professional brewing awards.


Along with his work at Get Well, Brad also found time to work with his friend Mike Duggan (Duggan’s Brewery) to develop recipes for a new set of beers that would be some of the first to be brewed with 100% locally sourced Ontario ingredients. This joint effort, in partnership with Ontario Hop Farms, created the 100 Mile Ale and 100 Mile Lager, which were brewed and sold under the Ontario Beer Company label in 2013 through 2014.


In 2015, after a move to Hamilton, Brad announced his plans to begin scouting locations for the Clifford Brewing Co. and begin brewing the flagship Clifford Porter under contract for licensees. The popular Pinball Wizard APA was soon also put back into the line-up and now both “Pinball” and “Porter” are available in close to a hundred licensed establishments across southern Ontario. Since it’s new branding in 2015, Clifford Porter has won 3 Gold Medals and 1 Silver in the Canadian and Ontario Brewing Awards (2015-2016) and is widely considered one of Ontario’s finest locally brewed porters.