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East Hamilton Lager – 5% abv

  East Hamilton Lager –5.0% abv  – 35 IBU. Our first lager to be brewed in East Hamilton at 398 Nash Rd. is a crisp and clean German style pilsner. Brewed with traditional German malts and hops it has a spicy noble hop finish and moderate sulfate bitterness that’s sure to please the most experienced craft beer drinkers to those looking… Read more →

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Clifford Porter – 5.9% abv

  Clifford Porter –5.9% abv  – 38 IBU. The first offering from Clifford Brewing is the award winning Clifford Porter. A dark and complex robust porter, with flavours of chocolate and coffee, combined with rich roasted malts, and a balanced bitterness with the subtle earthiness of Fuggle hops in the aroma. A signature beer of brewer Brad Clifford, this porter… Read more →

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Pinball Wizard APA – 5.7% abv

  Pinball Wizard APA – 5.7% abv – 55 IBU  Our award winning American Style pale ale has dominant aromas of citrus, pine, and tropical fruits, paired with a smooth bitterness, and balanced with a slightly bready malt body. It’s unfiltered and loaded with delicious hop flavours to ensure repeated drinkability. For those who love hops, this APA aims to… Read more →